Lucero joins Nanoscale Drug Testing consortium

The consortium aims to develop a “near-patient drug development” strategy that includes using 3D cell models comprised of patient-derived cells. The strategy will reduce clinical failures, enable the development of more effective treatments at a lower cost, and allow the right drug leads to be matched with the right patient subgroup.

Lucero awarded Vinnova Innovative Startups Stage 1 grant

Out of 934 applicants, Lucero was selected by Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, as one of the recipients of the Innovative Startups Stage 1 grant. The grant is targeted towards early-stage startups that are based on innovative products and services and that show global growth potential. The money is meant to help startups develop their prototypes and business models, as well as create strategies to protect and commercialize their intellectual assets.

Lucero initiates project with ACTPHAST4.0

With the help of ACTPHAST4.0 partners, VUB B-PHOT Brussels Photonics and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, both world leaders in photonics education, research, and innovation, Lucero aims to optimize our optical setup to maximize its potential to work with 3D cell models, as well as to reduce the size of the system itself.